March 4 to November 12


"Seminar New forms of articulation of temporal discourse in art"

This Seminar aims to immerse yourself in the temporal frontiers of art, inaugurating a multidisciplinary exploration of the avant-garde and experimentations that have redefined the temporal narrative in various artistic expressions, which begins in the field of sound art and expands to other artistic expressions. The research, designed to bring together different approaches and perspectives, aims to unravel the temporal complexities that characterize contemporary art.

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Center for Complexity Sciences (C3) UNAM

This event is conceived as a multidisciplinary investigation that seeks to bring together diverse approaches and perspectives around the way in which time is conceived, manipulated, expressed and perceived, in the contemporary artistic field, delving into how artists seek to challenge the set time. conventions. and how these new forms of temporal articulation not only transform the aesthetic experience, but also influence our understanding of time and narrative in the cultural context of current art. More info.

2023 -2024

Complex Planet Exhibition

PLANET COMPLEJO, is an exhibition that presents a selection of different sound, video and photographic works presented within an exhibition where our different cultural identities are analyzed through the relationship of endemic social processes and globalization. A social study where cultural identity is seen from contemporary art.

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The proposal is based on the fact that a fundamental characteristic that makes evolution possible in nature is diversity, since if there is diversity there are possibilities of genetic exchange and mutation, therefore adaptation to a changing environment. This context is reflected in not only biological contexts but also in our social and cultural contexts. Thus, this endemic and global factor, which in turn guarantees evolution and adaptability, has to do with the importance of diversity. The exhibition is divided into three stages:

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FTER is a project where participants work and create works of art and concepts as a vision of the future of the global planetary scenario. Art is used as an oracle that contemplates the coming 22nd century and beyond from our contemporary position.

What will be the situation of society, ecology and other aspects of planet Earth in the 22nd century?

How can we act before the crisis occurs?


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It is necessary to become aware before catastrophic consequences appear. The most important aspect of the AFTER project is to develop new points of view and ideas, proposals to create alternatives to build together a better world and better relationships within society and with nature. We and the planet are the same complex system, the same thing. We need to act as a united whole.


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Years 2014-2024

Courses and training

Training, courses, workshops and diplomas given by international speakers specialized in audio, production and sound art. MUSLAB includes different training workshops in new technologies, applicable to music, theater, dance, plastic arts, advertising, among other disciplines. These trainings are open to all interested but will aim to involve students from conservatories and schools of music and arts in the region. Our courses range from access to knowledge and use of new technologies to specialized education courses that range from musical and multimedia composition to the creation and programming of new technological components. Recovery of public spaces for peaceful coexistence Conferences, exchanges, lectures, presentations focused on giving access to information and creating a network for artistic exchange, for the dissemination of sound art, scientific and academic knowledge.

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Concerts, training, access to new technologies, recovery of public spaces for peaceful coexistence.

Conferences, exchanges, lectures, presentations focused on giving access to information and creating a network of artistic, scientific and academic exchange.

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